The range of Neuthane polyurethane cast elastomers is diverse in both the chemistry of raw materials used to formulate the polymeric chains and their suitability for different processing techniques.

By combining PPG polyether, PTMEG polyether, polyester, polycaprolactone or polycarbonate polyols with either aromatic or aliphatic isocyanates, the number of combinations is huge. These building blocks give the experienced urethane chemists at Notedome the ability to meet the most demanding of applications.

The following table summarises the range of our products and grades:

Product Grades
Neuthane 100, 100LV & 2100 TDI – PTMEG, PTMEG/PPG & Low Odour Ether Prepolymers
Neuthane 200 TDI – Ester & Caprolactone Ester Prepolymers
Neuthane 300 TDI – PPG Ether Prepolymers
Neuthane 500
Neuthane 5300
Aliphatic Isocyanate – Castable Systems
Aliphatic Isocyanate – Doming Systems
Neuthane 600
Neuthane 700
MDI – PTMEG Ether Prepolymers
MDI – Ester Prepolymers
Neuthane 801
Neuthane 802
Neuthane 803
MDI – PTMEG Ether Quasi Systems
MDI – Ester Quasi Systems
MDI – PPG Quasi Systems
Neuthane 3100
Neuthane 3200
MDI – PTMEG Rotational Casting Systems
MDI – Ester Rotational Casting Systems
Neuthane CON TDI – PPG